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The webpages providing essential information on tax environment in Lithuania covering all the main taxes and practical information, the focus being on areas that may be of interest to business people, investors as well as tax and legal practitioners. The information contained in these webpages mainly focused on tax aspects, however also including legal issues and basic information on tax and legal environment of Latvia and Estonia that together with Lithuania is considered the entire market by the investors.

The content of the webpages was collected and prepared by reputable companies well known in the Pan-Baltic area, namely Grant Thornton Rimess, that has been operating in the Baltic States starting from 1992 and rendering assurance, internal audit, tax advisory, legal advisory, corporate finance and accounting services; the Law Firm LawHouse, a full-service business law firm with its expertise in EU, corporate and tax law, investment management; and Advocate Arūnas Šidlauskas, who has more than 20 years of experience working as a tax and legal consultant and well known as contributor to the professional publications targeted to businessmen and accounting specialists ( and .

Online services

Here You may order tax or legal advice on Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia that will be provided by Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic or Law Firm LawHouse Law Firm LawHouse. We undertake to respond you within 24 hours upon receipt of your inquiry. We would be pleased to render tax and legal services to you in connection with your activities in the Baltics.